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The Westin Southfield Detroit
1500 Town Center · SouthfieldMichigan48075 · United States  • Phone: 248-827-4000 · Hotel Reservations: 888-627-8558
Local Time: 12:29 PM • Weather: Sunny, 43 °F
Pure Allergy Friendly Hotel Guest Rooms
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Reserve your next stay at The Westin Southfield Detroit to experience full rejuvenation.  Specially treated guest rooms for you or members of your family sensitive to seasonal or environmental allergens.  For travelers that suffer from asthma and allergies triggered by seasonal and environmental microscopic allergens The Westin Southfield Detroit has partnered with PURE SolutionsTM indoor air quality experts to create 15 dedicated hypoallergenic PURETM Rooms.  Our cutting edge PURE allergy-friendly hotel accommodations are treated with the latest technologies available to enhance your guest experience.  In-room filtration systems remove air particles, while surfaces are treated to minimize growth of bacteria.

These hypoallergenic hotel accommodations are nearly 99.9% allergen-free and include The 6-Step PureTM Process:

Pure 659 New Afr Rev (2)

Sanitized Air Handling Unit
At the initial conversion, and on a routine schedule, PURETM cleans and sanitizes existing air handling units to dramatically reduce any potential irritants.

PURE Shield
Then a revolutionary PURE ShieldTM bacteria static barrier is applied to all
room surfaces to repel microorganisms that you might bring into the room.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
The second step is a patented PURE Clean SolutionTM used to maximize the removal of imperceptible dirt, bacteria, and mold from all carpets and upholstery in the room.

Air Purification System
A state-of-the-art air purification filter is your 24-hour defense against airborne
particles including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The PURETM system has been
shown to kill 94% of fungus, 98-100% of bacteria, and up to 100% of more
dangerous viruses. Not a typical home air cleaner, these purifiers are so effective they have been certified by the FDA as Class II Medical Devices.

High Shock Treatment
Each room is subjected to a four-hour intense ozone treatment that kills even the most stubborn mold and bacteria in every nook and cranny of the room. As mold and bacteria are eliminated, so are their odors, leaving your PURE Room remarkably fresh and crisp.

The PURE program significantly reduces the impact of potential irritants to you which allows you to rest comfortably, sleep better and awake refreshed so you can enjoy your stay. Discover a refreshing change in our accommodations where your PURE comfort is our primary concern.

Allergy Friendly Bed Encasings
Finally, to guard against ubiquitous dust mites PURETM seals mattresses and pillows with a micro fiber, mono filament encasements. These specially designed and tested encasements feature 38,000 fibers per square inch and reinforced seams proven to be an effective barrier against dust mite allergens.  Fact: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that indoor air pollutants may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor air.